Distribution of Rational and Holomorphic Curves in Algebraic Varieties (15w5169)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 15 and departing Friday March 20, 2015


(University of Alberta)

(Université du Québec à Montréal)

(Queen's University)

(University of Houston)


The main objective of the workshop is to cross-pollinate new ideas, techniques, and breakthroughs among the communities working on Nevanlinna theory, hyperbolicity, and algebraic curves on varieties. We intend to schedule the lectures as a series of intertwining mini-courses aimed at emphasizing the parallel goals and questions in these approaches, and highlighting the different techniques that each point of view brings to interrelated conjectures of Lang and others.We aim to invite mathematicians at all stages of their and research careers, and are mindful of the need to include younger mathematicians and students, and to allow sufficient time in the schedule for discussion and mathematical collaboration among the participants.Because we view this workshop as a potentially seminal event it is important for us to make the developments of the workshop available to a mathematical community larger than just the attendees. In this respect we are especially glad that BIRS is equipped for live-streaming and later viewing of the lectures. We plan to further supplement this by posting an organized collection of notes and slides used by the speakers on the conference website, and we will request that notes for the mini-courses are provided in advance. Finally, proceedings of the workshop will likely be planned for the CRM/AMS series.