Advances in interactive Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in complex and big data sets

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Medical University Graz
- 10:27
Challenges of biomedicine, health and the life sciences and the chances of Interactive Machine Learning for Knowledge Discovery
Watch video | Download video: 201507250937-Holzinger.mp4 (179M)
, University of Alberta
- 11:22
The role of logic and machine learning within a general theory of visualization
Watch video | Download video: 201507251035-Goebel.mp4 (142M)
, TU Dortmund University
- 12:30
Big Data and Small Devices
Watch video | Download video: 201507251144-Morik.mp4 (144M)
, Coventry University
- 14:42
Class Imbalance Learning
Watch video | Download video: 201507251350-Palade.mp4 (179M)
, TU Dortmund
- 15:14
Investigation of Code Tables to compress and describe the underlying characteristics of binary databases
Watch video | Download video: 201507251448-Hess.mp4 (73M)