Participant Testimonials

Feb 08 - Feb 13, 2015

The workshop was very useful for several reasons. On one hand there were some groups working on different topics; I joined the one working on monodromy group, and the discussion was fruitful. I guess that at some point there will be a paper in the topic discussed there. On the other hand, it is always good to be aware of the topics on which the colleagues are working currently. The talks were very illustrative in this regard. Particularly, after my talk there were some suggestions of papers to take on account in my ongoing research.

Daniel Pellicer Centro de Ciencias Matematicas, Morelia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

It was very, very helpful and the BIRS set-up was great. In many ways, the best run conference center I've ever seen. And of course the scenery and the food are hors de categorie. This was my first time and I will be coming back, I am sure.

Thomas Tucker Colgate University, USA