Participant Testimonials

Apr 05 - Apr 10, 2015

The program was quite helpful, especially on account of the eclectic nature of the talks. I did get one good idea and I made very good progress on a joint project with C. Pearcy. Overall, an excellent week.

Hari Bercovici Mathematics, Indiana University

Great conference! I definitely look forward to attending another one in this or an adjacent area of specialty.

Elias Katsoulis Mathematics, East Carolina University

The workshop was an outstanding opportunity to interact with the world's leading experts on the subject. My collaborator (Kelly Bickel) and I worked out the results for a new manuscript during the workshop. I took the chance to ask several authors first hand about their work. The talks were outstanding! I learned about several new results that will be of interest for my future research.

Constanze Liaw Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Baylor University

I first went to BIRS in 2011. It was a wonderful conference, and I have spent much of my time since then working on non-commutative function theory, which I learned about from Victor Vinnikov at BIRS. My second visit was last week. Another great experience, and I expect to spend a lot of time working on mathematics that I learned on this trip.

John McCarthy Mathematics, Washington University in Saint Louis