Participant Testimonials

Jun 21 - Jun 26, 2015

The workshop was great. Nearly every talk was related to things we do and contained relevant new information. The schedule had enough free time to allow for extended discussions which often continued over meals. I got to meet many people in the field for the first, and reacquaint with those I've known before. Overall excellent.

Gary Stormo Professor
Department of Genetics, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

This workshop was one of the best scientific meetings I have ever attended. The participants were chosen very carefully to represent a wide range of experience in the field (postdocs to senior scientists), but with a clear focus on the scientific area of the workshop (protein-DNA recognition). This made for easy and effective communication among all the participants. I learned a lot from everyone. The scientific focus of the workshop almost perfectly fit my own research interests - I realized when I looked at the program that the workshop participants were all scientists whose papers I invariably read when I come across them in the literature. I especially appreciated the opportunity to meet scientists from Central and Latin America, and this led to at least one future collaboration between my lab and a scientist from South America.

Tom Tullius Professor
Chemistry and Bioinformatics, Boston University