Participant Testimonials

Mar 15 - Mar 20, 2015

The BIRS workshop was very stimulating for my research related to various hyperbolicity questions. I started a project with two of my regular collaborators and also started working with another workshop participant who I don't see very often at conferences.

Ljudmila Kamenova Dr.
Mathematics, Stony Brook University

First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the organizers for such a wonderful workshop. My expectation of attending this workshop to learn the theory on the main theme of this workshop, that is, distribution of rational and holomorphic curves in algebraic varieties. Since there seems to be mysterious connection to what I have been focusing on lately. It turns out that the achievement of the workshop was beyond my expectation. The expertise of the speaker and organizers substantially raise my knowledge bar. My discussion with them was extremely fruitful and exciting. Hopefully, it will be new projects emerging in the end. Due to the importance of this subject and its unexpected connection to other subject of mathematics, I hope more activity and workshop on Nevenlina theory and Diophantine geometry will happen more often. Finally, I want to thank the organizers again for inviting me to this exciting workshop.

Xiaowei Wang Dr
math and computer sciences, rutgers university, newark