Quantum Computer Science (16w5029)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, April 17 and departing Friday April 22, 2016


(Microsoft Research)

Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo)

(Dalhousie University)


The workshop aims to bring together researchers from quantum computing---in particular those focusing on quantum algorithms and quantum error correction, and classical programming languages. Open questions that we anticipate this group to tackle include new methods for circuit synthesis and optimization, compiler optimizations and rewriting, embedded languages versus non-embedded languages, implementations of type systems and error reporting for quantum languages, techniques for verifying the correctness of quantum programs, and new techniques for compiling efficient circuits and protocols for fault-tolerant questions and their 2D layout.

More than half of the proposed participants were part of the IARPA QCS program, which ran from 2011--2013 and gave the field of quantum programming languages and quantum circuit synthesis a large push. We expect that these individuals will continue research in this field and therefore would have an natural interest in attending this workshop. The remaining invitees with bring many new ideas to this rapidly evolving research area in the intersection of quantum computing and programming languages.

Currently, only very few opportunities exist to bring together experts from the fields of quantum computing, programming languages, and compiler design; to give them the opportunity to engage in exchange of ideas; and to report on progress for both theoretical and implementation aspects. We also expect a vibrant open problems session as well as exchange of benchmarks, i.e., for the best known circuits for some classes of transformations that are important for the synthesis of large quantum algorithms.