Participant Testimonials

Nov 06 - Nov 11, 2016

It was a very enjoyable meeting, with a number of interesting presentations and potential for collaborations. With Abbas and Yuval, we have already solved one problem: Given an arbitrary graph, the push/pull rumour spreading model has a discrete time and continuous time versions. We can show that on a graph of sie n, the continuous time version is at most n^{1/3} faster than the discrete time version, which is best possible. This should be written soon. I have also been discussing other questions with Ewa (on avoidance coupling) Yuval and Elisabetta (diameter of SPA models), and have hope for some new results there.

Omer Angel Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The workshop was definitely a highlight of the year - stimulating talks, interactions and open problems, keeping me at the forefront of the field, new contacts and one new collaboration.

Carl Dettmann School of Mathematics, The University of Bristol

The workshop was really great. I have learnt some new results and also spent a lot of time collaborating with other researchers.

Andrzej Dudek Western Michigan University

This was a fantastic workshop, and I got to know more closely a few major figures in my community. Especially the informal gatherings during meals were very beneficial in communicating with other participants, and I made a few very good contacts.

Abbas Mehrabian Computer Science, University of British Columbia

I am very happy about my visit at BIRS last week, because I feel very inspired by it. I got to know new people to collaborate with and many new questions/problems for my research. I am also very grateful to the organizers. It was very well and smoothly organized. I hope that there will be further opportunities for me to come to Banff in the future!

Markus Schepers Mathematical Institute, Utrecht University