Participant Testimonials

Mar 13 - Mar 18, 2016

The time at BIRS was perfect. The organization of the workshop was excellent, the collaboration that was generated in my research group was exciting to me and hopefully will ultimately lead to a publication, the talks were really good, the scientific atmosphere in general was wonderful, and the location and facilities are really stimulating. The rooms and dining area were great too! On a side note, on some evenings I was able to meet with collaborators of an existing project to try to push that to completion, and on other evenings I was able to meet with a couple of other collaborators on a new project. Both of these were directly related to Lefschetz properties, but were not part of the formal groups formed for the workshop. This activity also would not have been possible without this workshop. On a different side note, a recent paper of mine is closely related to that of one of the other participants, and this opportunity to talk to him was very useful to hash out our different points of view on the topic. So sincere thanks again for providing us the opportunity to hold this workshop, which I consider to have been a huge success from all possible points of view. And I second your thank you to the organizers that you mentioned, who did a great job from start to finish.

Juan Migliore Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

We had a very useful WorkShop with lots of interesting lectures about Lefschetz and Lefschetz related materials that have helped me to put more things into perspective. The WorkGroup I participated in (Akihito Wachi, Chris McDaniel, and occasionally some others) made real progress, and I am indeed grateful for permission, granted at the last moment, to remain overnight from Friday to Saturday. We really made some serious progress Friday afternoon!

Larry Smith Professor Emeritus
Mathematisches Institut, University of Göttingen