Participant Testimonials

May 29 - Jun 03, 2016

This workshop has introduced me to a new field of research that is very much related to my current research interests. It is refreshing to see how the tools I am using can also be applied in other areas of science. In addition, I have met new colleagues with whom I will likely collaborate.

Peter Berg Department of Science, University of Alberta

I met many outstanding scholars at this BIRS workshop, and learned a lot from them. I also will have collaborations with some of them in the near future. Besides, the beautiful environment and excellent service helped our discussions very much as well. I sincerely thank BIRS for that.

Tzyy-Leng Horng Applied Mathematics, Feng Chia University

BIRS and BIRS-like worshops with their limited number of participants and given focused topics are more efficient than any mass scientific meeting. Moreover, administration staff is very thoughtful. Last, but not least, environment is more than adequate.

Marc Thiriet Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI -- Sorbonne Universités), team INRIA-UPMC-CNRS REO

Participation in the BIRS workshop impacts my current research, and this inspired me new research ideas.

Yu-Hau Tseng Dr.
Applied Mathematics, National University of Kaohsiung

Mathematical molecular biophysics is emerging field. Molecular biology is the foundation for life science, which is becoming more and more quantitative than ever before. Mathematics has a great potential to advance the current understanding of molecular biophysics. This workshop is a timing effort in addressing important issues in mathematical molecular biophysics. Advanced mathematics, such differential geometry, variational PDEs, discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, stochastic analysis, was involved in the modeling and computation of biomolecular systems. The organizers did a wonderful job in putting everything together. The BIRS staff were extremely helpful as well. Participants are mostly world top experts in the field. I am quite sure that this workshop will have a long lasting impact in mathematical biophysics.

Guowei Wei Mathematics, Michigan State University