Participant Testimonials

Oct 16 - Oct 21, 2016

The talks and the environment for discussions were phenomenal, I certainly learned a lot this past week. I kept a list of problems and/or research directions motivated by talks in the workshop, and by the end I had a list over 10 strong! Looking forward to another opportunity to attend a workshop in CMO.

Afonso S. Bandeira Mathematics and Center for Data Science, Courant Institute, NYU

The workshop was fantastic with talks that were of the highest possible quality. The workshop gave me the opportunity to learn more about deep learning and I truly appreciated the healthy scientific discussions concerning recent achievements in this field. There were a lot of young participants, who presented spectacular works and contributed many new ideas. It is just wonderful to belong to a field full of vitality, mostly driven by the new generation.

Emmanuel Candes Applied & Computational Mathematics, Stanford University

The environment provided by CMO-BIRS creates excellent conditions for a creative scientific discourse. The workshop was one of the most inspiring events in a long time.

Thomas Strohmer Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis