Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics - from Dynamics to Quantum Information

Videos from CMO Workshop

, University of Kassel
- 10:02
Optimal control of open quantum systems: Theoretical foundations and applications to superconducting quantum devices
Watch video | Download video: 201708140901-Koch.mp4 (206M)
- 10:35
Simulation of Born-Markov Open Quantum Systems in Electronic and Photonic Systems
Watch video | Download video: 201708141003-Leon-Montiel.mp4 (147M)
, Université Paris Dauphine
- 11:59
Identification of quantum Hamiltonians in presence of non-perturbative noisy data
Watch video | Download video: 201708141104-Turinici.mp4 (222M)
, University of Calgary
- 15:01
Watch video | Download video: 201708141400-Sanders.mp4 (243M)
- 15:37
Numerical scheme for the solution of the Dirac equation on classical and quantum computers
Watch video | Download video: 201708141504-Fillion-Gourdeau.mp4 (119M)
, Queen's University
- 17:03
Pruned multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree methods
Watch video | Download video: 201708141601-Carrington.mp4 (237M)
, University of Iceland
- 17:31
Numerical improvements in methods to find first order saddle points on potential energy surfaces
Watch video | Download video: 201708141705-ArgaezGarcia.mp4 (108M)
, Ecole des Ponts and Inria Paris
- 10:03
Mathematical models for electron transport in periodic and aperiodic materials: towards first-principle calculations
Watch video | Download video: 201708150900-Cances.mp4 (242M)
- 10:38
Slalom in complex time: semiclassical trajectories in strong-field ionization and their analytical continuations
Watch video | Download video: 201708151006-Pisanty.mp4 (139M)
, Université de Sherbrooke
- 15:28
Beyond-dipole approximation effects in photoionization: importance of the photon momentum
Watch video | Download video: 201708151502-Chelkowski.mp4 (89M)
, University of Nebraska
- 16:57
Applications of Elliptically-Polarized, Few-Cycle Attosecond Pulses
Watch video | Download video: 201708151600-Starace.mp4 (169M)
, University of Ottawa
- 17:36
Studying Photochemical Processes Using the Ab Initio Multiple Spawning Method
Watch video | Download video: 201708151700-Neville.mp4 (129M)
, Swansea University
- 10:00
Control of Quantum Spin Devices, feedback control laws and hidden feedback
Watch video | Download video: 201708160900-Schirmer.mp4 (214M)
, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Optica y Electronica
- 10:32
Ion-Laser Interactions and the Rabi Model
Watch video | Download video: 201708161003-MoyaCessa.mp4 (105M)
, Texas A&M University
- 12:01
Higher order forward time-step algorithms for solving diverse evolution equations
Watch video | Download video: 201708161102-Chin.mp4 (198M)
, Hunter College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York
- 10:04
Capturing Electron-Electron Electron-Ion Correlations in Strong Fields
Watch video | Download video: 201708170903-Maitra.mp4 (218M)
, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich
- 10:38
An Exact Single-Electron Picture of Many-Electron Processes and its Application to the Dynamics of Molecules in Strong Laser Fields
Watch video | Download video: 201708171006-Schild.mp4 (128M)
, Louisiana State University
- 12:01
Attosecond Charge Migration with TDDFT: Accurate Dynamics from a Well Defined Initial State
Watch video | Download video: 201708171103-Lopata.mp4 (210M)
, Georgia Tech.
- 15:00
Using Modern Dynamical Systems Theory to Interpret Your Data
Watch video | Download video: 201708171402-Uzer.mp4 (307M)
- 15:29
Non-adiabatic dynamics in graphene controlled by the carrier-envelope phase of a few-cycle laser pulse
Watch video | Download video: 201708171501-Lefebvre.mp4 (107M)
, Aix-Marseille University
- 16:47
Quantum walking in curved spacetime
Watch video | Download video: 201708171601-Arrighi.mp4 (205M)
, U. of Calgary
- 17:29
Reinforcement Learning for Robust Adaptive Quantum-Enhanced Metrology
Watch video | Download video: 201708171700-Palittapongarnpim.mp4 (136M)
, Beijing Computational Science Research Center
- 09:59
Numerical methods for the Dirac equation in the non-relativistic limit regime
Watch video | Download video: 201708180901-Cai.mp4 (227M)