Mathematical Advances in Electron Microscopy

Arriving Sunday, October 15 and departing Friday October 20, 2017

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Anden, Joakim Flatiron Institute
Ben Dory, Tamir Princeton University
Berkels, Benjamin RWTH Aachen University
Binev, Peter University of South Carolina
Browning, Nigel Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dahmen, Wolfgang University of South Carolina
Dwyer, Christian Arizona State University
Gursoy, Doga Argonne National Lab
Haigh, Sarah University of Manchester
Johnstone, Duncan University of Cambridge
Jones, Lewys University of Oxford
Kelly, Kevin Rice University
LeBeau, James North Carolina State University
März, Maximilian Technische Universität Berlin
Mayer, Joachim RWTH-Aachen
Nellist, Peter Oxford University
Ophus, Colin Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Ramasse, Quentin SuperSTEM Laboratory
Rauhut, Holger RWTH Aachen University
Reed, Bryan Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc.
Ringe, Emilie Rice University
Rooney, Aidan University of Manchester
Sanders, Toby Arizona State University
Shkolnisky, Yoel Tel-Aviv University
Stevens, Andrew Pacific NW Natl Lab / Duke Univ
Vogt, Thomas University of South Carolina - NanoCenter
Voyles, Paul University of Wisconsin - Madison
Webster, Clayton Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xin, Huolin Brookhaven National Laboraotory
Yankovich, Andrew Chalmers University of Technology