Participant Testimonials

Oct 15 - Oct 20, 2017

This workshop is fantastic. It contains a "mixed" (in a good way) group spanning from experimental materials scientists and physicists to mathematicians who deal with proofs, and everything interesting in between! Such a meeting is outside the realm of the standard scientific presentation circuit, and that is exactly makes CMO-BIRS special. Highlights for me: Joakim Anden's talk and Brian Green's talk. The topic of the former talk will inspire me to attempt to apply such methods to my own research. The topic of the latter contained work highly relevant to my own research.

Christian Dwyer Arizona State University

A excellent workshop - very informative and I made some great new contacts with people I might not otherwise have met.

Sarah Haigh School of Materials, University of Manchester

Excellent workshop, wonderful site and perfect organisation. The format of bringing together an expert panel across two disciplines was extremely helpful for our field, very much along the lines that novel breakthroughs are more likely to happen at the boundaries between disciplines. The mixture of young and senior researchers was very well chosen and the quality of the talks was excellent.

Joachim Mayer Central Facility for Electron Microscopy, RWTH-Aachen

It was an excellent workshop. I learned a lot and developed possible research directions. As a postdoc, I also made connections with several people as potential future employers.

Toby Sanders Arizona State University