Participant Testimonials

Dec 03 - Dec 08, 2017

I found this program fantastic from a variety of perspectives - the venue was great & that along with the organization structure facilitated lots of scientific interactions with the other workshop attendees. This has definitely stimulated a number of brewing ideas in my mind & concretely modified in a sizable manner work we are doing right now on scalable Bayesian algorithms for clustering.

David Dunson Statistical Science, Duke University

This was a fantastic focus workshop on recent advances on Bayesian nonparametrics. It had a good composition of theory and applications. Talks were by leading researchers, especially younger ones. There were plenty of time to discuss.

Subhashis Ghoshal Professor
Statistics, North Carolina State University

This was a great workshop and an excellent opportunity to learn first hand about recent developments in Bayesian Nonparametrics from some of the leading researchers in the area. The workshop provided a stimulating environment for discussions and inspired new ideas for future research.

Eduardo Gutiérrez-Peña Researcher
Probability and Statistics, IIMAS-UNAM

The organizers put together a spectacular workshop. The well-structured schedule provided time for the (very well prepared) talks and discussion about the ideas raised in them. In all, a superb event. I am definitely interested in returning for future events. Conferences such as this one that bring together researchers from ALL of North America, in addition to those from elsewhere in the world, do much to build an inclusive research community. Kudos to the organizers and to CMO-BIRS.

Steven MacEachern Professor and Chair
Statistics , Ohio State University

I think the workshop size, in terms of participants, and the scientific scope of the event were arranged perfectly, as they allowed fruitful inteactions that do not generally occur at bigger conferences or conferences with broader scopes. The program has been desinged masterfully, and the small numbers provide a great incentive for active personal participation and attendance to all presentations. Overall, I believe I have greatly benefitted from participating to the CMO-BIRS event on Bayesian nonparametric inference, and the impact on my future research work will certainly be positive.

Matteo Ruggiero University of Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto