Participant Testimonials

Dec 10 - Dec 15, 2017

I can say without exaggeration that this was the best conference/workshop I've ever participated in. The field was narrow enough to feel at home with most of the talk, and wide enough to learn many new things. The participants were of high caliber. But of course the setting was also exceptional: it was my first time at Banff, and it is hard to describe the beauty of the site. The organization was extremely smooth, and flexible, the food was excellent. In brief, I only have good things to say. Thanks for making this possible in your center. Long live BIRS!

Christophe Gole Mathematics & Statistics, Smith College

What a great format - 40 people together for a week. Excellent chance to meet and talk with everyone at the meeting. A chance to both see what's going on in our very focused field and to hold open discussions defining the major problems, techniques, and terminology of our field. I think this has an impact on how we approach developmental modelling, which can impact the field. Besides great general discussions broadening insight into what we do, I had a number of talks which directly affect my research projects. These ranged from specifics of software, to tips on dynamics in a current modelling project, to ideas for molecular species to incorporate into another model and test for experimentally. More generally, I felt I got to know a number of people whose papers I had only read before, which could promote future collaborations.

David Holloway Mathematics, British Columbia Institute of Technology