Participant Testimonials

Mar 11 - Mar 16, 2018

This was a wonderful workshop which brought together number theorists and knot theorists studying various forms of q-series. It was very helpful to get the other perspective on research and talk to many experts in both fields. These conversations gave me a good idea of what people in both areas are interested in and which directions I should extend my research.

Abhijit Champanerkar Mathematics, College of Staten Island & The Graduate Center, CUNY

It was a wonderful time for me to participate in the workshop. This workshop aimed to reveal the connection between the quantum invariants of knots and q-serieses in number theory, and it is achieved very well. I had a good chance to hear about q-serieses, and I actually understand that the theory of q-serieses is just next to my speciality, which is the quantum invariants of knots. This inspires several new research projects I would like to study by myself with my students. The number of participants and the variety of the specialities of the participants are quite adequate and we discussed very well with almost all participants.

Jun Murakami Prof.
Department of Mathematics, Waseda University