Participant Testimonials

Sep 16 - Sep 21, 2018

Actually it was the first time that I visited CMO and really enjoyed. In fact, speakers of the workshop were high level Graph theorists of the world and their presentations and results taught me a lot. I am sure this workshop will affect my students and postdoc.

Saeid Alikhani Department of Mathematics, Yazd University

BIRS provides an excellent environment to meet researchers across the world, and spend valuable working time with them. I cannot imagine a better atmosphere for mathematical research and HQP exposure. The logistical support from BIRS is superb, and the benefits to all of us is immense.

Claude Laflamme Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary

I was able to meet with Florian Lehner so that we could finish our work on distinguishing numbers of vertex-transitive graphs of valency 4. I also saw many great talks which gave me ideas on further research directions to pursue.

Gabriel Verret Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland