Participant Testimonials

Mar 18 - Mar 23, 2018

This was my third visit to Banff (in a by now over 20 year research career in mathematics), and as ever the welcome and organisation at the Banff center was impeccable. Everything went very smoothly. For me, Banff workshops are predominantly an occasion to meet with the North-American research community at large in my area, and in this sense they are much more useful than e.g. AMS meetings, which are simply too massive and to hurried to have the same impact.

Henk Bruin Prof.
Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna

BIRS is not just a wonderful place for conferences and workshops but the place that stimulates exchange of ideas and foster collaboration. During the workshop at BIRS that I attended I met with some of my collaborators and we were able to essentially complete an argument in the proof of one of our joint work. I also discussed some of my work with some participants and got very useful comments and suggestions.

Yakov Pesin Mathematics, Penn State

This was a great meeting, with an interesting range of people and talks, and a great working environment.

Mike Todd School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews