Participant Testimonials

Aug 26 - Aug 31, 2018

The BIRS workshop on the Theory and Practice of Satisfiability Solving was a great meeting. Many useful ideas were exchanged and there was something new to learn for everyone. Personally, I obtained a number of new insights that will be very helpful for my research, and might even produce some immediate new results.

Fahiem Bacchus Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto

It was an enlightening encounter with proof complexity theorists and practitioners. It allowed me to pivot into a new subfield of SAT solving, narrowing down broad research topics into short-term research goals.

Jo Devriendt Post-Doc
Computer science, KU Leuven

The workshop sparked several new research project I am planning right now. I started a new job with new teaching duties last year and lost track of the new results in the field. The workshop had been a great chance to catch up.

Massimo Lauria Statistical Sciences, Università degli studi di Roma - La Sapienza