Participant Testimonials

Apr 01 - Apr 06, 2018

Let me express my warmest thanks to you (and all the BIRS staff) for your warm reception and hospitality. The workshop was really great and we are all back with many new collaborations. This is really what one hopes in attending workshops and it is so good to see that this was the case for the "BIRS Physical, Geometrical and Analytical Aspects of Mean Field Systems of Liouville Type". Hope to be back at BIRS as soon as possible.

Daniele Bartolucci Roma Tor Vergata

The BIRS workshop on "Physical, Geometrical and Analytical Aspects of Mean Field Systems of Liouville Type" had certainly impact on my research. I recently started a new collaboration on Mean Field Systems with Professor Changfeng Gui and this workshop provided many backgrounds, geometrical and mathematical motivations and new knowledge about this topic. This workshop was certainly the right intensive research event that my current research project with Professor Gui pushed forward. The most important insights for my research were provided by the talks on the sphere covering inequality. Two wonderful talks, one by Dr Amir Moradifam and another talk by another young early career research. I presented new results on the log-concavity of Laplace-eigenfunctions and had very interesting discussions on this topic with other experts in this field as for instance, Professor Andrea Malchiodi and Yanyan Li. The occasion to take part in this workshop was unique! I got the great opportunity to meet many renominated experts in nonlinear Analysis and PDE such as Gabriella Tarantello, Yanyan Li or Nassif Ghoussoub and had the chance to speak with them. Here is one important advantage of such an intensive research event; at BIRS the experts take their time to discuss with other peers while on conferences one is often more in hurry. Thanks to this workshop I started new collaborations with international experts.

Daniel Hauer Dr
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney

The Workshop was wonderful for me. It was very stimulating scientifically, with excellent talks and letting me know recent development in a week, and also giving me opportunities to discuss math and collaborate with other participants. The organizers have done a terrific job for the community. Also thank you for overseeing the scientific programs and helping the math community with all these wonderful workshops at Banff!

Yanyan Li Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University

My participation in the BIRS workshop was really very useful to know and to study in depth the most recent and important results on the Mean field systems of Lioville type. Moreover, the workshop was helpful to have a deep insight of new perspectives on the field. I hope that from that may originate new collaborations and papers in such an interesting field.

Margherita Nolasco Prof
DISIM, University of L'Aquila, ITALY