Bases for Cluster Algebras (Cancelled) (20w5114)


(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Laurent Demonet (Google France)

(Université de Paris)

Jan Schroer (University of Bonn)


The Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO) will host the "Bases for Cluster Algebras " workshop in Oaxaca, from September 27 to October 02, 2020.

The theory of cluster algebras emerged in the year 2000 as a combinatorial approach to study bases for quantum groups. Since then, commutative cluster algebras and their quantum deformations have been present in very diverse areas of mathematics and theoretical physics.

Constructing bases for both commutative and quantum cluster algebras and understanding their multiplicative structure is a meeting point of techniques and ideas from combinatorics, mirror symmetry, representation theory and quantum groups.

This topic has attracted the attention of distinguished mathematicians such as the Fields medalist Maxim Kontsevich and the 2018 Chern medalist Masaki Kashiwara. In the last 4 years there has been remarkable progress in the problem of constructing bases for cluster algebras and relating them to the canonical bases for quantum groups. Understanding the relation among these approaches is a difficult and important task that has been undertaken by various groups of researchers in recent years. This is a great moment to bring these groups together for a focused workshop on bases for cluster algebras.

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