Participant Testimonials

Nov 05 - Nov 07, 2021

The conference was a great opportunity to reconnect with people who we haven't had the time or a platform to connect with throughout the pandemic.

Connor Riddlesden Graduate Student
University of Lethbridge

During the workshop, I met (both in-person and via Zoom) some colleagues and their families that I did not see for a long time due to Covid. I also met some new postdocs and Ph.D. students from Alberta who have brought new ideas and research to the Alberta number theorist community. Besides research, we talked about life, family, friends, and some former students that I really missed during the pandemic. The Zoomer introduction during the coffee breaks is a very good idea, and I really think that the virtual participants did not feel left out as in other online meetings I have attended before. During one of these introductions, I talked to a colleague (attended virtually) of whom a project with me has been left out 2 years ago. We will reconnect and plan to work on the project again in the near future. At the end of the workshop, one of the speakers brought up a new idea to connect a number of theorists (including students and postdocs) in Alberta and we are now working on it. 

Ha Tran Associate professor
Department of Mathematical and Physical Science, Concordia University of Edmonton