Participant Testimonials

Aug 01 - Aug 06, 2021

First I would like to thank your organizations for making this very interesting workshop possible. Under the present difficult circumstances the organization and the concept of the organizers and their choice of the speakers were really optimal. I attended all the lectures learning of many new developments and new approaches to some important open problems. The presentations were all very well organized, extremely interesting and stimulating for me.

Ernst Albrecht Fachrichtung Mathematik, Saarland University

I think the workshop, Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables, is one of the best conferences/workshops I have ever attended.

Paul Muhly Professor Emeritus
Mathematics, University of Iowa

I have learnt a lot from the talks in CMO-BIRS workshop in Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Space in Several Variables. The organizers creatively ask speakers to talk about other people's research. This motivates us to think about other people's research rather than staying in our comfort zone. The outcome is very well.

Yi Wang Postdoc
Mathematics, Vanderbilt University