Participant Testimonials

Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2022

I strongly benefited from my participation in the BIRS workshop on "Topics in Multiple Time Scale Dynamics" in many different ways. The various chances to meet with the other speakers during dedicated discussion sessions as well as while sharing meals has fostered the exchange of ideas, which will result in the future in research visits to investigate new project idea arose during this week. The interactions as well as the broad overview of most recent techniques in the field I had the opportunity to learn during my stay at BIRS is incredibly valuable and will definitely inspire my current research (particularly in the area of GSPT techniques applied to the investigation of pattern dynamics).

Annalisa Iuorio Dr.
Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna

The BIRS workshop on multi-scale dynamical systems was a superb opportunity to talk about, think about, and do mathematics for a full week. The facilities are state-of-the-art. The setting in the mountains is awe-inspiring and great for hiking - while talking more about math. The food is excellent, and the lodging is now modern. This was my fifth workshop there. Each visit has been highly conducive for working with collaborators, starting new collaborations, and thinking about interesting problems outside my own research program. In short, the experience has been outstanding each time. BIRS is one of the gems internationally for research in mathematics.

Tasso Kaper Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University

The topics of the speakers in the workshops are relevant to my research on multi timescale dynamics in engineering. I shall try to incorporate the methods in my systems also to unfold the hidden dynamics if any. Thank you very much for considering my request as a participant.

Kuntal Mandal Dr.
Department of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automatic Control, Universitat Rovira i Virgili