Building Networks: Women in Complex & Nonlinear Systems

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, North Carolina State University
- 09:57
Building Networks (In Fact, I'm Actually Building Networks)
Watch video | Download video: 202209190904-Daniels.mp4 (90M)
, University of North Carolina
- 11:03
A touch of non-linearity: mesoscale swimmers and active matter in fluids
Watch video | Download video: 202209191033-Klotsa.mp4 (47M)
, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
- 11:42
Effective thermal equilibrium induced by crosslinking proteins in polymer chromosome model
Watch video | Download video: 202209191112-Newhall.mp4 (50M)
, Rochester Institute of Technology
- 10:00
Rigidity Percolation in Biology: Mechanobiology and Fracture Properties of Cartilage and Cartilage-like Materials
Watch video | Download video: 202209200900-Das.mp4 (112M)
, University of Colorado Boulder
- 10:58
Learning efficient representations of environmental priors in neuronal networks
Watch video | Download video: 202209201032-Eissa.mp4 (36M)
, University of Pennsylvania
- 11:37
Diversity and structure in complex social systems: case studies in political polarization & emergent hierarchies
Watch video | Download video: 202209201107-Kawakatsu.mp4 (49M)
, US Naval Academy
- 09:30
A rigorous approach to the dynamics of self-propelled swarms via a novel central manifold approximation technique
Watch video | Download video: 202209210907-Popovici.mp4 (39M)
, Dartmouth College
- 10:02
Connecting dynamics on and of networks to data - motif-based and mean-field approaches
Watch video | Download video: 202209210936-Schwarze.mp4 (43M)
, University of California Irvine
- 11:00
Evolutionary modeling of cancer: Protective effect of aspirin in colorectal carcinogenesis
Watch video | Download video: 202209211030-Komarova.mp4 (38M)
, University of Arizona
- 10:02
Using computational fluid dynamics to understand muscle driven movement by soft tissues and bodies: Case studies in tubular hearts and jellyfish
Watch video | Download video: 202209220902-Miller.mp4 (95M)