Participant Testimonials

Jun 26 - Jul 01, 2022

I found it really stimulating. It also helped me understand issues around reuse of the GEV for climate attribution, a problem we are grappling with right now. I missed the in-person interactions with statisticians in particular, it always takes a whole to develop a full understanding.

Gabi Hegerl GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh

The workshop was a fantastic opportunity of cross-disciplinary learning. I especially enjoyed the overview talks that helped setting the scene for the week (the speakers have put so much effort into designing them leading up until the latest state of the art in their fields) and the discussions helped to reflect on critical research questions at the boundary, which requires expert knowledge from all sides. Many thanks to the organisers and BIRS for putting such a thoughtful program together!

Kirstin Strokorb Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University