Classroom Technology

Open wireless Internet access ("wifi"), no password required, is available in all areas of BIRS.

The BIRS lecture auditorium is equipped with an LCD projector, projection screen, a presenter remote with laser pointer, a document camera, 15' of chalkboard space, electrical plugs for laptops, a wired ethernet port in the podium area, and a pair of computer speakers (for presentations with audio). A MacBook Pro laptop computer is provided for giving presentations.

Participants may also connect their own computer to the HDMI cable for the LCD projector. We supply a range of digital video adapters for connecting to the standard male HDMI cable, including a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Note that we no longer support (analog) VGA, since almost all computers now have some form of digital output, which can easily be adapted to HDMI.

The second largest meeting space, TCPL 202, which has seating for 20 people, is equipped with an LCD projector, projection screen, a pair of computer speakers (for audio), and 25 feet of chalkboard space.

The third largest meeting space is TCPL 107, with seating for 8 people. It is equipped with an LCD projection screen, and a portable LCD projector can be set up upon request. There are 8 network ports on the tables in that room for connecting laptop computers (or you could use wifi).

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, the Banff Centre has a full audio-visual department that can most likely provide any special requirements that you may have.

The Description of Facilities page may also have information you seek.

Automated Lecture Recording and Live Streaming

The main lecture room is equipped with an automated video system capable of recording lectures and broadcasting them live, on the Internet. It is extremely simple to use, with no special setup required. Please see this page for details on automated recording, and this page for information on the live streaming service.

Personal Computer Connectivity

Most participants bring their own laptop computers to BIRS. Every bedroom in Corbett Hall has a wired ethernet port and ethernet cable which you can use for broadband Internet access (use the even-numbered port). In addition, there is open (no passwords) wireless networking available in all areas.

Participants may use the network laser printers at BIRS to print directly from their laptop computers.

Open wireless networking is available in all areas of BIRS and throughout the Banff Centre campus.

Network Printers

BIRS provides two network laser printers for participants to use. One of them is in the residence building, Corbett Hall, 3rd floor, room 5310 (a.k.a. "The Reading Room"). The second is in the meeting building, the TransCanada Pipelines Pavilion, lower floor, Room 105. Please see for more information about printing.

Network Bandwidth

BIRS has a 5 megabit connection to the public Internet, shared among BIRS staff and participants, and a 1 gigabit connection to the academic network linking universities and other academic institutions around the world. It is recommended that participants take advantage of the wired ethernet ports for the fastest connectivity.

The wireless network is an open 802.11a/b/n network which is shared among everyone at The Banff Centre. The available bandwidth on the wireless network will vary greatly depending on how many guests are currently on campus, and how many of those guests have computers infected with bandwidth-consuming Windows viruses, file sharing programs, etc. The wired network has better controls for ensuring fair bandwidth sharing, including a dedicated 5mbit segment for BIRS.

Public Computers

The Reading Room in Corbett Hall, 3rd floor, Room 5310, has a late model Apple iMac computer available for general use. It does not require a login or password to use. It is connected to printer for your convenience. Note that you can also print from your laptop.