Guidelines for Proposals

Please read the descriptions of our various programs before preparing your proposal. Proposals should be submitted using the online form.

Please indicate the subject area of your proposal. In rare cases (particularly for newer areas on the applied side) the codes may not be adequate. Please use "Other" and specify in the Additional Comments field.

We allow only one organizer per institution and four organizers per proposal submission.

The sections A Short Overview and A Statement of Objectives of the online form should probably total 2 to 4 pages for workshops and FRGs. For other smaller or shorter programs we require less, preferably between 1 and 2 pages.

The text that you submit should be plain text, with UTF-8 encoding (for the Unicode character set). Proposals will be compiled into a book using LaTeX2e, for the proposal review process.

You may use LaTeX2e syntax for mathematical expressions or formatting. Formatting may include itemized lists, sections (\section*{section name}), subsections (\subsection*{subsection name}), citations, and bibliographies (add "\begin{thebibliography}{99} ..." to the end of the Objectives field). If you use custom macros, please send them to us, so that we can add them to our document's preamble.

With regard to your proposed dates, please give us options -- particularly "low-season" alternatives! You may use the link for a list of holidays to make sure that the dates you indicate as being acceptable really are acceptable to you.

Confirmation: After you submit your proposal, you will receive an automatically-generated message containing the text of your proposal. The BIRS Program Coordinator will send you an e-mail message within one week to confirm that the proposal has been received and is complete. Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation or if the copy you receive back from us seems to be corrupted.

If you have other questions about submissions of proposals, please feel free to contact us through the BIRS Program Coordinator.

Suggestions on Workshop Proposals

  1. The proposed participants should be realistic and coherent with the goals of the event.
  2. The workshop should be sufficiently innovative and timely that holding it has the potential to make a difference to the subject. Proposals that take advantage of newly emerging links between areas or offer opportunities for groups of participants who do not normally meet together to do so are of special interest.
  3. At least some of the organizers should have recognized international stature. You may have more than two organizers if you wish, but only one will be designated as the main Contact Organizer.
  4. The proposal should be written carefully. The total length of the Short Overview and the Statement of Objectives should run between 2 and 4 pages.
  5. The proposal should avoid being too diffuse, attempting to cover too many areas at once, and being similar to other events being held elsewhere.
  6. It is more convincing to the selection panel if you can indicate that a number of your participants have confirmed their interest in the workshop.
  7. We encourage you to consider opportunities to train young talent and to ensure appropriate representation of women.