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Research in Teams at BIRS in 2015

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
15rit182 Multi-norms, Banach lattices, and the Fourier Algebra 04/26/2015 05/03/2015
15rit180 Holomorphic functions on products and on $\ell_\infty$ 05/03/2015 05/10/2015
15rit201 Subconvexity Bounds and Simple Zeros of Modular L-Functions 05/24/2015 05/31/2015
15rit196 Analysis and Computation of Vector Functionalized Cahn Hilliard Equations and Application to Amphiphilic Materials 07/12/2015 07/19/2015
15rit197 Low-lying Zeros of Quadratic Dirichlet L-Functions 08/09/2015 08/16/2015
15rit189 Uniqueness Results in Geometric Tomography 08/16/2015 08/23/2015

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