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All Meetings at CMO in 2025

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
25w5355 Geometric Nonlinear Functional Analysis 05/04/2025 05/09/2025
25w5498 Leveraging Mathematical Modeling for Action and Education Toward Social Justice 05/11/2025 05/16/2025
25w5361 Mixtures of Probability and Geometry 05/25/2025 05/30/2025
25w5440 Free Probability, Random Matrices and Finite-Dimensional Approximations 06/01/2025 06/06/2025
25w5326 Collective Social Phenomena 06/08/2025 06/13/2025
25w5369 Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Post-Pandemic Epidemiology and Public Health 06/15/2025 06/20/2025
25w5359 Blooming Beasts: A Conference on the Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics of Infinite-Type Surfaces 06/22/2025 06/27/2025
25w5419 Recent Advances in PDE and Mathematical Physics 08/03/2025 08/08/2025
25w5423 Infinitary Proof Theory: Techniques and Applications 08/10/2025 08/15/2025
25w5469 Mathematical Analysis of Adversarial Machine Learning 08/17/2025 08/22/2025
25w5345 Holomorphic Dynamics 08/24/2025 08/29/2025
25w5402 Equivariant Topological Quantum Field Theory 09/07/2025 09/12/2025
25w5416 Categorical and Geometric Structures in the Langlands Program 09/14/2025 09/19/2025

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