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All Meetings at IASM in 2025

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
25w5344 Structure Preserving Schemes for Complex Nonlinear Systems 06/01/2025 06/06/2025
25w5348 Frontiers in Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science 06/08/2025 06/13/2025
25w5391 Spatial Omics - Integrating Biotechnologies, Methodologies and Applications 06/15/2025 06/20/2025
25w5352 Finite Geometry and Extremal Combinatorics 06/22/2025 06/27/2025
25w5442 Around Singularities in Poisson Geometry 08/03/2025 08/08/2025
25w5400 New Tools in the Local and Global Langlands Programs 08/10/2025 08/15/2025
25w5414 Bridging Theory and Practice in Finance 08/17/2025 08/22/2025

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