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All Meetings at BIRS in 2018

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
18w5054 Workshop on the Interface of Machine Learning and Statistical Inference 01/14/2018 01/19/2018
18w5190 Geometry and Physics of F-theory 01/21/2018 01/26/2018
18w5112 Shape-Constrained Methods: Inference, Applications, and Practice 01/28/2018 02/02/2018
18w5058 Extremal Problems in Combinatorial Geometry 02/04/2018 02/09/2018
18w5047 Relativistic Fermions and Nodal Semimetals from Topology 02/11/2018 02/16/2018
18w5119 Modelling Imbalance in the Atmosphere and Ocean 02/18/2018 02/23/2018
18w5095 DM-Stat: Statistical Challenges in the Search for Dark Matter 02/25/2018 03/02/2018
18w5102 Distributionally Robust Optimization 03/04/2018 03/09/2018
18w5007 Modular Forms and Quantum Knot Invariants 03/11/2018 03/16/2018
18w2043 Impact of Women Mathematicians on Research and Education in Mathematics 03/16/2018 03/18/2018
18w5061 New Developments in Open Dynamical Systems and Their Applications 03/18/2018 03/23/2018
18w5081 Emerging Trends in Geometric Functional Analysis 03/25/2018 03/30/2018
18w5209 Physical, Geometrical and Analytical Aspects of Mean Field Systems of Liouville Type 04/01/2018 04/06/2018
18frg224 The Crystal Structure of the Plethysm of Schur Functions 04/01/2018 04/08/2018
18w5069 Entropies, the Geometry of Nonlinear Flows, and their Applications 04/08/2018 04/13/2018
18w5182 Workshop on Geometric Quantization 04/15/2018 04/20/2018
18w5172 Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory meets Data Science 04/22/2018 04/27/2018
18w2221 Ted Lewis SNAP Math Fair Workshop 2018 04/27/2018 04/29/2018
18w5189 Mathematical Foundations of Data Privacy 04/29/2018 05/04/2018
18frg223 Algebraic Structure of Cyclic Combinatorial Objects 04/29/2018 05/06/2018
18w5118 An Algebraic Approach to Multilinear Maps for Cryptography 05/06/2018 05/11/2018
18pl001 Hendrik Willem Lenstra - Escher and the Droste effect 05/08/2018 05/08/2018
18w2226 Alberta Number Theory Days X 05/11/2018 05/13/2018
18w5108 Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds 05/13/2018 05/18/2018
18w5094 Topics in the Calculus of Variations: Recent Advances and New Trends 05/20/2018 05/25/2018
18w2217 10th Seminar for Next Generation of Researchers in Power Systems 05/25/2018 05/27/2018
18w5148 Adaptive Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Applications 05/27/2018 06/01/2018
18w5085 Hydraulic Fracturing: Modeling, Simulation, and Experiment 06/03/2018 06/08/2018
18w5073 Integrative Cell Models for Disease Intervention 06/10/2018 06/15/2018
18w2230 Restructuring IEEE VIS for the Future 06/15/2018 06/17/2018
18w5033 Advanced Developments for Surface and Interface Dynamics - Analysis and Computation 06/17/2018 06/22/2018
18frg225 Stability Indices for Nonlinear Waves and Patterns in Many Space Dimensions 06/17/2018 06/24/2018
18w5133 New Trends in Syzygies 06/24/2018 06/29/2018
18ss020 2018 Summer IMO Training Camp 06/24/2018 07/07/2018
18w5090 Spectral Geometry: Theory, Numerical Analysis and Applications 07/01/2018 07/06/2018
18w5042 Mathematical Approaches to Cell-Cell Communication and Collective Behaviours 07/08/2018 07/13/2018
18w5002 Around Quantum Chaos 07/15/2018 07/20/2018
18w5123 Complex Fluids in Biological Systems 07/22/2018 07/27/2018
18frg220 Investigating Linear Codes via Commutative Algebra 07/22/2018 07/29/2018
18w5015 Physics and Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory 07/29/2018 08/03/2018
18w5154 New Statistical Methods for Family-Based Sequencing Studies 08/05/2018 08/10/2018
18frg233 Measuring the Connectedness of Graphs and Digraphs 08/05/2018 08/12/2018
18w5126 Mathematics of the Cell: Mechanical and Chemical Signaling across Scales 08/12/2018 08/17/2018
18frg237 Microlocal Geometry of Langlands Parameter Spaces for p-adic Groups 08/12/2018 08/19/2018
18w2232 Advancement of Stochastic and Statistical Techniques for Natural and Environmental Simulation 08/17/2018 08/19/2018
18w5057 Regularity and Blow-up of Navier-Stokes Type PDEs using Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis 08/19/2018 08/24/2018
18w2236 Privacy Compliance Tools Workshop 08/24/2018 08/26/2018
18w5134 Interacting Particle Systems and Parabolic PDEs 08/26/2018 08/31/2018
18w5025 Tau Functions of Integrable Systems and Their Applications 09/02/2018 09/07/2018
18w5078 Geometry and Physics of Quantum Curves 09/09/2018 09/14/2018
18w5021 Affine Algebraic Groups, Motives and Cohomological Invariants 09/16/2018 09/21/2018
18w5088 The Traveling Salesman Problem: Algorithms & Optimization 09/23/2018 09/28/2018
18w5036 Spin Glasses and Related Topics 09/30/2018 10/05/2018
18w5084 Moduli Spaces: Birational Geometry and Wall Crossings 10/07/2018 10/12/2018
18w2239 Retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics 10/12/2018 10/14/2018
18w5195 Fusion Categories and Subfactors 10/14/2018 10/19/2018
18w5029 Crossing Numbers: Theory and Applications 10/21/2018 10/26/2018
18w5130 Hessenberg Varieties in Combinatorics, Geometry and Representation Theory 10/21/2018 10/26/2018
18w5162 Intersection of Information Theory and Signal Processing: New Signal Models, their Information Content and Acquisition Complexity 10/28/2018 11/02/2018
18w5168 WOA: Women in Operator Algebras 11/04/2018 11/09/2018
18w5144 Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Bridging Model Development, Parameter Identification and Model Selection in the Biological Sciences 11/11/2018 11/16/2018
18w2240 CS-Can / Info-Can State-of-the-Discipline and Planning Retreat 11/16/2018 11/18/2018
18w5180 Unifying Themes in Ramsey Theory 11/18/2018 11/23/2018
18w5155 Model Theory and Operator Algebras 11/25/2018 11/30/2018
18w5152 Integrating the Integrators for Nonlinear Evolution Equations: from Analysis to Numerical Methods, High-Performance-Computing and Applications 12/02/2018 12/07/2018
18w5151 Shape Analysis, Stochastic Geometric Mechanics and Applied Optimal Transport 12/09/2018 12/14/2018

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