Participant Testimonials

May 29 - Jun 03, 2022

I found the workshop inspiring and fruitful. I believe that the idea of 'cross-community' workshop is very good. It allowed me to get a broader perspective and leave the usual comfort zone.

Paweł Rzążewski Warsaw University of Technology

The BIRS workshop "Cross Community Collaborations in Combinatorics" has very positively impacted my mathematical research. I am a current PhD student mostly working in structural and topological graph theory. During the workshop I learned about important open problems in extremal graph theory, a field I have not worked in much so far. With Morrison, Norin, Nir, and Rzążewski, we solved a conjecture of Gerbner and Palmer showing that a graph $H$ is eventually $K_{r+1}$-Turán-Good (where eventually means for large $r$). Currently, we collaborate on writing the paper and hope to have it ready soon. Moreover, we started a collaboration with Stein, Skokan, and Bowtell on partitioning the edges of $2$-coloured $k$-partite $k$-uniform hypergraphs into monochromatic paths. We discussed that we would like to continue this collaboration, and also discuss the problem in person if we meet for other occasions. It was great to meet Gunderson at the workshop, as we exchanged emails three years ago but never met in person. The workshop had a positive impact on my personal life. It connected me better to the community, and meeting many smart and friendly researchers made me feel excited about my academic future. I am very much looking forward to seeing the workshop participants at future events.

Alexandra Wesolek Mathematics, SFU