Statistical Challenges for Complex Brain Signals and Images

Arriving Sunday, April 30 and departing Friday May 5, 2023

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Ambriz, Emmanuel CIMAT
Ascencio Gorozpe, Luis Enrique CIMAT
B. El-Yaagoubi, Anass King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Chen, Shuo University of Maryland
Chung, Moo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cribben, Ivor Alberta School of Business
Euan, Carolina Lancaster University
Fiecas, Mark Joseph University of Minnesota
Fortin, Norbert University of California Irvine
Gibberd, Alex Lancaster University
Guindani, Michele University of California Irvine
Harezlak, Jaroslaw Indiana University
Johnson, Timothy D. University of Michigan
Kang, Jian University of Michigan
Killick, Rebecca Lancaster University
Kirch, Claudia Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg
Kong, Linglong * University of Alberta
Kornak, John University of California San Francisco
Krafty, Robert Emory University
Lindquist, Martin Johns Hopkins University
Lund, Robert The University of California, Santa Cruz
Martinez Hernandez, Israel Lancaster University
Mejia, Amanda Indiana University
Nichols, Thomas University of Oxford
Ombao, Hernando King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Park, Jun Young University of Toronto
Pinkney, Carla Lancaster University
Ramirez, Alonso CIMAT A.C.
Schwartzman, Armin University of California, San Diego
Senturk, Damla University of California LA
Ting, Chee Ming Monach University Malaysia
Tosun, Duygu University of California - San Francisco
Vannucci, Marina Rice University

* This participant has indicated that they might be coming.