Statistical Challenges for Complex Brain Signals and Images

Videos from CMO Workshop

, University of California - San Francisco
- 10:27
Case Study 1
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, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- 11:58
The power of topological method in the presence of large noise
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, University of California, San Diego
- 12:34
Spatial confidence regions for excursion sets
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, University of Toronto
- 14:55
A fast and powerful spatial-extent inference for testing variance components in reliability and heritability studies
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, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg
- 15:29
Scan statistics for the detection of anomalies in large image data
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, Emory University
- 16:29
Covariate-Guided Mixture of Multivariate Time Series Experts for Interpretable Analysis of fNIRS Data
Watch video | Download video: 202305011600-Krafty.mp4 (36M)
, University of Maryland
- 09:58
Multilayer network model for joint analysis of structural brain imaging vector and functional connectome matrix
Watch video | Download video: 202305020930-Chen.mp4 (32M)
, University of Michigan
- 10:29
Bayesian Image-on-Image Regression via Deep Kernel Learning based Gaussian Processes
Watch video | Download video: 202305021000-Kang.mp4 (36M)
, University of Michigan
- 11:30
Bayesian analysis of fMRI for presurgical planning
Watch video | Download video: 202305021100-Johnson.mp4 (33M)
, Lancaster University
- 11:55
Detecting changes in covariance using Random Matrix Theory
Watch video | Download video: 202305021130-Killick.mp4 (30M)
, The University of California, Santa Cruz
- 12:25
Correlated Statistical Count Structures
Watch video | Download video: 202305021200-Lund.mp4 (31M)
, Rice University
- 14:26
Gaussian Process Regression Models for the Analysis of Event-Related Potentials
Watch video | Download video: 202305021400-Vannucci.mp4 (35M)
, University of California Irvine
- 09:37
A Bayesian Time-Varying Psychophysiological Interaction (PPI) Model
Watch video | Download video: 202305030900-Guindani.mp4 (42M)
, University of California Irvine
- 10:28
Case Study 1 - Complex time series signals in the brain: extracting more information from local field potential activity
Watch video | Download video: 202305030930-Fortin.mp4 (79M)
, Monach University Malaysia
- 09:35
Low-rank and sparse decomposition for brain functional connectivity in naturalistic fMRI data
Watch video | Download video: 202305040900-Ting.mp4 (39M)
, University of California San Francisco
- 11:30
Modeling longitudinal trajectories of dementia brain changes
Watch video | Download video: 202305041100-Kornak.mp4 (10M)
, Indiana University
- 12:31
Accurate estimation of individual functional brain connectivity and topology via ICA with empirical population priors
Watch video | Download video: 202305041200-Mejia.mp4 (31M)
, University of Oxford
- 09:38
Relative Risk Regression for Longitudinal Binary-Valued Neuroimaging Data
Watch video | Download video: 202305050900-Nichols.mp4 (61M)
, Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington
- 10:30
Biclustering Multivariate Longitudinal Data with Application to Recovery Trajectories of White Matter After Sport-Related Concussion
Watch video | Download video: 202305051000-Harezlak.mp4 (40M)