Monge-Ampere type equations and applications

Arriving Saturday, August 2 and departing Thursday August 7, 2003

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Bland, John University of Toronto
Blocki, Zbigniew Jagiellonian University
Chang, Alice Princeton University
Gangbo, Wilfrid UCLA
Ghomi, Mohammad Georgia Institute of Technology
Gonzalez, Maria del Mar Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Greiner, Peter Academia Sinica
Guan, Bo Univeristy of Tennessee
Guan, Pengfei McGill University
Gursky, M. Univ. of Notre Dam
Han, Zheng-Chao Rutgers University
Han, Qing University of Notre Dame
Keller, Julien University of Provence, Aix-Marseille
Kim, Seongtag Princeton University
Kolodziej, Slawomir Jagiellonian University
Li, Song-Ying University of California at Irvine
Lu, Guozhen Wayne State University
Ma, X. East China Normal Univ.
Martinez-Maure, Y.
McCann, Robert University of Toronto
Rios, Cristian University of Calgary
Sawyer, Eric McMaster University
Spruck, Joel Johns Hopkins University
Trudinger, Neil Australian National University
Urbas, J. Australian National University
Viaclovsky, Jeff University of Wisconsin
Wang, G. Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Wang, Xu-Jia Australian National University
Xia, Qinglan University of Texas at Austin
Yang, Paul Princeton University
Yuan, Yu University of Washington