Entropy of Hidden Markov Processes and Connections to Dynamical Systems

Arriving Sunday, September 30 and departing Friday October 5, 2007

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Anantharam, Venkat University of California, Berkeley
Bailey Frick, Sarah Ohio State University
Boyle, Mike University of Maryland
Cuff, Paul Stanford
Glynn, Peter Stanford University
Guo, Dongning Northwestern University
Han, Guangyue University of Hong Kong
Jacquet, Philippe Inst. Natl.Recherche en Inform. et Automat.
Juang, Fred Georgia Tech
Kavcic, Alek University of Hawaii
Luo, Jun Northwestern University
Marcus, Brian University of British Columbia
Montanari, Andrea Stanford University
Moon, Taesup Stanford
Ordentlich, Erik HP Labs
Pavlov, Ronnie University of British Columbia
Peres, Yuval Microsoft Research
Petersen, Karl University of North Carolina
Pfister, Henry Texas A & M University
Pollicott, Mark University of Warwick
Quas, Anthony University of Victoria
Shin, Sujin Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Slomczynski, Wojciech Jagiellonian University
Szpankowski, Wojciech Purdue University
Ugalde, Edgardo Universida Autonóma de San Luis Potosí
Verbitskyi, Evgeny Phillips Research Eindhoven
Vontobel, Pascal The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Weissman, Tsachy Stanford University
Williams, Susan University of South Alabama
Yayama, Yuki University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Zuk, Or Weizmann Institute