Invariants of Incidence Matrices (09w5071)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 29 and departing Friday April 3, 2009


(University of Waterloo)

(University of Florida)

Qing Xiang (University of Delaware)


Our main aim in organizing the workshop is to bring together researchers from diverse areas who have a common interest in problems about incidence matrices but who would rarely if ever attend the same conferences. The workshop will provide a forum for these mathematicians to meet, exchange open problems, share ideas and learn new techniques through formal seminar talks and informal discussions. Recent successes in collaborations of this kind encourage us in the belief that such a meeting will bring new perspectives on old problems and open up many channels of communication for future collaborative research. For young researchers in particular, it will be an excellent opportunity to see the full scope of the subject and the many interesting directions they can explore.

We plan to have two expository lectures per day, which will be required to be accessible to all participants, including students, together with a small number of shorter more specialized talks. In addition we shall ask the lecturers to mention open questions in these areas. It is our intention to leave plenty of unscheduled time for informal discussions. The expository lectures will cover several areas in which incidence matrices arise or which provide techniques for studying their invariants, such as design theory, finite geometry, representation theory, character sums, p-adic methods and coding theory.