Participant Testimonials

May 07 - May 09, 2010

This workshop provided opportunities to hear of recent developments and meet with collaborators.

Leslie Hogben Mathematics, Iowa State University

My participation in the Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting that was held at BIRS on May 8-9, 2010 did positively impact my research. Although I did not give a presentation there, I was a co-author on three research presentations, and this gave us valuable feedback on that work. The workshop also enabled me to work with my other collaborators on on-going research projects, one of which was initiated at a BIRS workshop held on February 1-5, 2010. My current graduate student David Grundy and my current post-doc Louis Deaett were both at this workshop, and we all benefited from the interaction with other researchers.

Dale Olesky Computer Science, University of Victoria

Thank you for letting us have WCLAM at BIRS this past weekend. It was a great success with lots of contributions from graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The topics covered were fairly broad, from combinatorial matrix theory to numerical analysis to matrix functions. And we just had time to climb Tunnel mountain at lunch time! Peter told participants about the new BIRS funding and everyone there is very happy about this. Congratulations: it is truly a great institution.

Pauline van den Driessche Mathematics & Statistics, University of Victoria

Excellent workshop, great organization, really useful conferences. It was a pleasure to see all the colleagues again. The stay at BIRS in the Banff Centre was really nice...

Juan Carlos Zuniga Anaya Department of Mathematics, University of Guadalajara