Geometry for Anatomy

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Chicago
- 08:31
Particle systems for visualizing the connection between math and anatomy
Watch video | Download video: 201108300805-Kindlmann.mp4 (153M)
, Univ Of Liverpool
- 09:38
Abstraction + Geometry = Realization (Views of Illuminated Surfaces) A (potential) application of singularity theory to vision
Watch video | Download video: 201108300910-Giblin.mp4 (175M)
, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
- 10:29
3D Multi-source Visualization for Planning External Beam Radiotherapy
Watch video | Download video: 201108301000-Pizer.mp4 (141M)
, University of Calgary
- 13:42
Multi-scale, Agent-based Modeling for Human Anatomy and Physiology
Watch video | Download video: 201108311300-Jacob.mp4 (203M)
, Université Côte d'Azur and INRIA
- 14:30
Analysis of longitudinal deformations: Is there an alternative to the Riemannian setting?
Watch video | Download video: 201108311350-Pennec.mp4 (197M)