Participant Testimonials

Jul 17 - Jul 22, 2011

The workshop was really a great occasion for all participants, who expressed to the organizers their happiness to meet, work and stay in such a wonderful place as the BIRS. The BIRS organization and assistance were simply perfect!

Andrea Colesanti Mathematics, University of Florence

It's a great experience for me in this workshop. The talks were stimulation, and more important, there were so many interesting discussions between various groups of the participants. From my part, during the workshop, C.S. Lin and I made some further progress in our on-going project on local isometric embeddings of Lagrangian surfaces; Colesanti, Salani, and I initiated some new ideas regarding the establishment of Alexanderov-Fenchel type inequality for quermassintegrals on non-convex domains. It's our hope this will lead to some breakthrough of the problem in a near future. I also had some inspiring discussions with Cabre, Ni and others related to level-set convexity of solutions to nonlinear PDEs. The setting and the organization of BIRS is superb and unique for the inspiration of mathematical ideas.

Pengfei Guan Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

It was a great meeting, I was able to go on works and discussions with four colleagues and friends, making significant progress in two cases and initiate new collaborations with two other young Italian colleagues The working atmosphere was quite good.

Antoine Henrot Professor
Universite de Nancy, Institut Elie Cartan (France)

The workshop highly impacted my current research. It helped pushing forward an important research project and led to its further improvement. I met a number of new and very interesting people that I had not met before. I profited immensely from the presentation of their work.

Wolfgang Reichel Mathematics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The workshop was very fruitful and completely satisfactory to me. It gave me the opportunity to establish new contacts and discuss with many experts in my discipline; some new collaboration could easily arise from this experience. I want to thank all the staff of the Banff International Research Station.

Paolo Salani Dipartimento di Matematica , Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy