Participant Testimonials

May 01 - May 06, 2011

It was a very stimulating workshop that you organized, in a fabulous location and with spectacular scenery, lots of snow on the mountains and yet mild sunshiny weather. Couldn't have been better! Yes, the time at BIRS was very stimulating and the interactions will lead to some new projects and hopefully to a resolution of the origin of the MJO. Thank you for making the excellent facilities of BIRS available and thank you to your staff for facilitating a very successful workshop.

Jorgen Frederiksen Marine and Atmospheric Research, CSIRO

Thank you for providing the resources for the workshop. They were exceptional. The workshop itself was very beneficial from a variety of perspectives. I'm an observationalist that will be involved in a large international field campaign to study the Madden-Julian Oscillation and I had many fruitful discussions with other scientists studying the problem from theoretical and modeling perspectives.

Courtney Schumacher Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M

This workshop was one of the most valuable meetings that I have ever attended. Through feedback from other workshop participants, I sharpened the focus of my current research (some of which was inspired by the Banff workshop of two years ago). I also made new contacts and received suggestions/references for a future project. I learned a huge amount from the other workshop participants about observations, modeling and theory of tropical convection.

Leslie Smith Professor
Mathematics, University of Wisconsin

This is my second time participating in a BIRS workshop. I enjoyed it even more than the first time. During the workshop, I had chances to clarify research issues that had been confusing, forge new collaborations, and reach a much clearer picture of where our field is and what the main challenges are than before the workshop.

Chidong Zhang Professor
MPO, U Miami