Participant Testimonials

Aug 07 - Aug 12, 2011

I got new results that I had studied and also relations with another areas.

Jeong-Ah Kim Department of Mathematics, University of Seoul

The workshop has been a wonderful experience for me. The talks provided a comprehensive and inspiring picture of the cutting edge research in the field. Through conversations with the participants I discovered new approaches to develop a promising direction of research which will involve quantum versions of vertex algebras.

Alexander Molev Dr
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney

The conference was great. Everything was right - the organization, the participants, the timing, etc. It was my 4th time (I think) at BIRS and I would come again anytime. I have surely learned many things and even started a couple of new projects. It is too early to say how they will go, but it is certainly a very interesting twist...

Evgeny Mukhin University-Purdue University Indianapolis

The workshop was wonderful with lots of interactions with experts on quantum groups.

Anne Schilling Professor
Mathematics, University of California, Davis