Black Holes: New Horizons (11w5099)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, November 20 and departing Friday November 25, 2011


(University of Alberta)

Sang Pyo Kim (Kunsan National University, Korea)

(Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Alberta)

Misao Sasaki (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)


The proposed 5 day international workshop ``Black Holes: New Horizons'' is a joint activity of three institutions: Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (Seoul, Korea), and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics of Kyoto University. This workshop will focus on the new developments of the black hole theory. Its format will be close to the format of the 5-day BIRS workshop 08w5033 on ``Black Holes'' (November 9-14, 2008).

Main problems which are planned to be discussed at this workshop include:

1. Black holes and large extradimensions. Hawking radiation of higher dimensional black holes.

2. Topology of higher dimensional black objects (black rings, black strings, black saturns etc). Stability of topologically non-trivial higher dimensional black objects.

3. Hidden symmetries, algebraic classification, and higher dimensional black holes.

4. Black holes in a spacetime with compact extra dimensions. Black-hole--black-string phase transitions. Gregory-LaFlamme instability.

5. Black holes and AdS/CFT correspondence. Consequencies for the high energy physics.

6. Numerical simulation of binary black hole systems.

7. Black hole coalescence and gravity waves.

8. Primordial black holes.

9. Black hole interior.

The above problems have many common features and their study involves rather complicated mathematical tools. The goal of the workshop is to
gather the leading scientists working in this area to discuss modern status of the field and to initiate mutual collaboration. Besides of
the general review talks of the specially invited leading experts, we are planning panel discussions and shorter talks containing the
progress reports. We are planning to allocate 10-15 places (out of total 42) for promising graduate students and postdocs, working in
gravity, black holes, and the string theory. Their participation in the Workshop and the ability of informal discussions with the
experts in the field will be very stimulating for their future work.

The organizers have large experience in organizing international meetings and workshops. We also participated in the organizing of 3 BIRS workshops. In 2005 Valeri Frolov and Don Page organized the 2-day BIRS workshop ``Dark Side of Extra Dimensions'', which was very
successful. Valeri Frolov was a co-organizer of the BIRS 5 day workshop ``Spin, Charge, and Topology in low dimensions'' (July 29 - August 3, 2006), and the BIRS workshop on the Black Holes (08w5033) took place in November 9-14, 2008.