Participant Testimonials

May 06 - May 11, 2018

The facilities in Oaxaca are outstanding in several ways. For one, the layout of the hacienda is conducive to both ambient and exacting discussions, with chalkboards strewn about, and with comfortable bedrooms equipped with chairs, tables, and a couch. The conference room is proportionally sized, comfortable, and well-equipped. The cuisine and service is spectacular. I intend to prioritize future visits.

David Ayala Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Montana State University

I liked the workshop very much. I met a lot of young talented people, heard details about new developments in the field and even got good advice on my own work.

Vladimir Hinich Associate professor
Mathematics, University of Haifa

This conference gave me, a graduate student, an opportunity to discuss my current project with veteran researchers who lent me many valuable insights. It unquestionably propelled my work forward. It was an excellent conference.

Nicolas Reyes PhD Student
Math, University of Texas Austin