Dynamics in Geometric Dispersive Equations and the Effects of Trapping, Scattering and Weak Turbulence

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Texas A&M University
- 11:13
Decay and asymptotics for the 1D Klein-Gordon equation with variable coefficient cubic nonlinearities
Watch video | Download video: 202002031030-Luhrmann.mp4 (241M)
, University of Toronto
- 12:15
A Nonlinear Plancherel Theorem and Application to Global Well-posedness for the Defocusing Davey-Stewartson Equation
Watch video | Download video: 202002031129-Nachman.mp4 (179M)
, ENS Paris-Saclay
- 09:52
Watch video | Download video: 202002050900-Alazard.mp4 (275M)
, Vanderbilt University
- 11:15
Strichartz estimates for the compressible Euler equation with vorticity and low-regularity solutions.
Watch video | Download video: 202002051029-Disconzi.mp4 (166M)
, University of Michigan
- 16:42
On the rigorous derivation of the wave kinetic equation for NLS
Watch video | Download video: 202002061543-Hani.mp4 (302M)