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All Meetings at UBCO in 2023

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
23w5082 The Geometry, Algebra, and Physics of Higgs Bundles 05/28/2023 06/02/2023
23w5042 Leveraging Model- and Data-Driven Methods in Medical Imaging 06/25/2023 06/30/2023
23ss001 Inclusive Paths in Explicit Number Theory 07/02/2023 07/15/2023
23rit003 Moving Polymer in a Random Environment 07/02/2023 07/16/2023
23w2240 Geometry: Education, Art, and Research (Cancelled) 07/07/2023 07/09/2023
23w5095 Thermodynamic Formalism for Geodesic Flows 07/16/2023 07/21/2023
23frg006 Intersections in Projective Spaces 07/23/2023 08/06/2023
23w5106 Contextual Integrity for Differential Privacy 07/30/2023 08/04/2023
23w5049 Non-Linear Critical Point Theory in Analysis and Geometry 08/06/2023 08/11/2023

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