Participant Testimonials

Apr 11 - Apr 16, 2010

This was a most interesting workshop! I learnt a great deal because of the organizers' decision to bring together researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines where the new ideas from Generalized complex and holomorphic Poisson geometry matter. I still have to digest the consequences of all I heard for my own research, but I am sure that it will be influenced by the information received at this workshop. I definitely made new contacts with researchers I would not normally meet at other conferences. In all, a great conference, well of the high calibre one has come to expect from BIRS.

Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz Professor
Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

My participation was very useful for exchanging scientific ideas. I learned a lot during the week and this might have an impact on my future research.

Alberto Cattaneo Institut für Mathematik, Zurich University

... thank you for the hospitality shown recently by BIRS during my visit to the programme on generalised geometry. The workshop was of course marvellous, and I was also very grateful for the generosity shown to those of us who were stranded by the flight disruption. It made a huge difference to be able to stay on until flights had resumed. May I also say how impressed I was with Brenda's efforts on behalf of those of us in this situation.

Andrew Dancer Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

The workshop was extremely useful. I was working primarily on symplectic groupoid of Poisson manifolds. The workshop has helped me to understand the generalized geometry better and got me to think about the problem of integration in general. In terms of contacts, several people deserve mention. Prof Cavalcanti, my supervisor's collaborator; Prof Cattaneo, whose formal construction that was made more concrete by my thesis work; Prof Caine, who is an expert on Toric Poisson manifold and got me thinking about the integration of higher dimensional Toric manifolds.

Travis Songhao Li Mathematics, University of Toronto

This was a very useful workshop for me. A number of the participants were colleagues I knew but had not seen since graduate school. Since I have been becoming more interested in their areas of research, it was a good opportunity to reconnect. The workshop inspired some fresh new ideas for my research which I will be pursuing over the coming months.

Justin Sawon Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

... this is to express my gratitude towards BIRS for the exceptional hospitality and the unbureaucratic help given to us stranded people which still adds on the great stay I had at Banff. I think there is hardly any better way to strengthen the already high reputation of Canada in Europe.

Frederik Witt, D. Phil. AG Differentialgeometrie & TMP
Mathematisches Institut der Universität München, LMU München